Drulov Mod 70 Target Pistol.

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Date Expires Saturday, September 12, 2020 2:24:52 PM
Date Posted Friday, September 13, 2019 2:24:52 PM
Posted By   Pk78gcF8
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Single shot made for accuracy with a barrel of nearly 10" and with an excellent sight picture . Twist bolt action with a hairy set button/trigger, and a thumb rest on an extremely comfortable grip. The whole gun is in very good condition for its age, a very good example of a mod 70, bore is clean & shiny. Gun has been cleaned & handled with great care.

Metallic Silhouette? if the sights are on a ram at 100m when you touch the shot off, you'll knock it over every time. ( $195 firm + postage,box not included )

Additional Information
Make Drulov
Model 70
Caliber/Gauge .22 LR
Scope/Sights Fully adjustable front and rear target sights.
Tactical or Target Yes
Condition Good
Serial Number 10954
State Tasmania
For sale by Private Seller
Transferring Dealer Name Gun Sales & Service.
Transferring Dealer Licence Number 70928